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Advanced HTML & Web Site Design 11.4520000

NOTE:  Acceptance into Advanced Web Design is by Teacher Invitation Only! This information pertains to the RHS WebDesign Team and Advanced Web Design Students.

Final Project Advanced HTML & Web Design – Spring Semester
20% of your final grade!Due:  TBD - 10% for each day your project is late. -10% if project is not submitted in clear binder.
Rubric for Final Project
*NOTE:  Final Project must be presented inside of a clear covered binder including a color cover page!
 Digital Design (formerly Fundamentals of Web Design) 11.4510000
Digital Design Calendar – Fall
Digital Design Calendar – Spring
Handouts: Syllabus_DigitalDesign Mr. Lee’s WebMonkey HTML Cheat Sheet
View Final Projects for Fall Semester 2008
Reference Web Sites: WebMonkey – Excellent tutorials to extend your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript & more!W3C Web Site – Extend your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, & More + practice exams to test your knowledgeThe Web Collection – Online Web CompanionComputer History Museum – An excellent site with both the history of Computers and the history of the Internet!Code Academy Tutorials
1st Semester Assignments:Our first semester begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of HTML coding using notepad.  As our HTML skills advance, we will then move into programming with Dreamweaver.  Along the way, we will create web sites, work within “The Web Collection” workbook, and conduct online research projects.CalvinAndHobbes01
Summer Vacation Web Page Rubric
Online Research – The Best & Worst Web Sites
Calvin & Hobbes Web Page RubricSept_11thCollageRubric2 (Honor Their Memory)Begin Dreamweaver Projects:Welcome to the City of Atlanta, GA RubricDesign a one page Chess Board RubricThe City of Roswell Web Site Rubric (with TABLES)Ethics in Business AssignmentHalloween CollageComputing Jobs Rubric** Formatting Example for Jobs7 Tips for Interview SuccessSupport Our Troops For Veteran’s DayThe WebCollection Book Exercises & Projects…

Online Research 1 – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – Google Intro

Search Engine Optimization Guide – PDF

Endangered Tree Octopus Research Project

Open Ended Web Site Design Rubric – Student Choice

Final Projects:

Roswell Rides Web Site Design Rubric   or

Georgia Dogs Breeder Web Site Design Rubric

***NOTE: This project will be combined with a short test on the day of your final for final grade.

2nd Semester Assignments:Our second semester begins with an exploration of the History of the Internet.  Believe it or not, the Internet started way before 1992!  After this, we will get back into interface design work, exploring Javascript and CSS along the way…Online Research 3 -  Who/What is W3C?The History of the Internet RubricFrom the textbook, HTML & JavaScript Programming Concepts, we will explore the following chapters;Online Research 4 – What is Scripting?

Interface Design – RHS Career Tech Prototype Image

Interface Design – RHS Robotics Prototype Image

Interface Design – RHS Robotics Background Image

1) Online Research – Browser Issues

2) Online Research – Copy Rights and Trademark Issues

3) FWD-1_lesson9_accessibility508rulesNEW (What is Section 508 of the Disabilities Act?)

Cascading Style Sheets Online Research – What is CSS?

Learn CSS

CSS Exercise #1

CSS Exercise #2

Add CSS Elements to CSS NavChallenge Web Site Project CSS Challenge Elements;

Dictionary Web Site Prototype – Use CSS

Dictionary Web Site 2 – CSS only.  No graphics except thedictionary logo.

Online Research – What is Usability?Who is Jakob Nielsen?

App Inventor

Create an account in the cloud with

Open the app with

Link your droid with

If done with above, and you want to learn more… Check out the I have a Dream tutorial!


Other AppInventor Tutorials

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity: High schoolers must start training for security jobs to fill the talent gap, professors say

Internet Security Articles - SecureWorks
Internet Security Articles #2
Online Research – Internet Security 1
Online Research – Internet Security 2
Wombat State of Phishing (PDF 3MB)
WebDev_Symantec2018ISTRT  (PDF 5MB)

Online Research – Guest Lecture with Dave Centafonti
Online Research – How is an IT Department Managed?

Adding animation with Adobe Animate

  1. Complete Animate’s built in tutorials
  2. Pick one cool animation tutorial to animate and then present to class!
  3. Animation vs Animator IV

Group Project Demand for software developers is shifting from traditional web & application developers to hand-held device programming specialists. -

Group Project Rubric for Hand-held Device Research -

Peer Evaluation -

Group Presentation Evaluation

Welcome back from Spring Break!

Cool Websites & Intro to Flash Animation

60 Cool Flash Websites that you should not miss!
hen intro to Flash with the “WebCollection” tutorial activity book!

Mr. Lee’s work on Daniel & the Lions Den 



Final Project – Spring Semester20% of your final grade!  Due Date:  Please see Digital Design Calendar – Spring for end-of-year schedule and assighments -10% for each day your project is late.-10% if project is not submitted in clear binder.Rubric for Final Project***NOTE:  Final Project must be presented inside of a clear covered binder including a color cover page! Approved Final Project Themes  (pick one)

  1. Compare the technology of a 1975 Chevrolet Impala to a 2018 Toyota Prius.  Be sure to discuss engine technology, performance statistics, and features of each car, etc on the home page.  The second page should be used to discuss each company’s vision, market share, financial condition, etc.  Flash animation s/b of the two cars racing across the screen OR animation that illustrates how the two engines differ.  The contact us page should also include address information as well as a google style map to one of the company’s major car building plants.
  2. Given the present economic and political environment, research and target one job that should thrive during the next 5 years.  Be sure to discuss reasons the job has great potential (how has the job evolved in today’s environment) as well as provide a full description of the job on the home page (include links to web sites as evidence – consider stem cell research, immigration, tech, and “green” jobs, etc.)  The second page should be devoted to the qualifications necessary to apply for said job. (include links to an existing job add on one of the job board sites.  Flash animation should in some way illustrate what the job does.  The contact us page should include the address information as well as a google style map to the office location of the job listed on the job board.
  3. Discuss the sudden and precipitous drop in the amphibian (specifically frog species) population in the world today.  Be sure to site research results, geographical areas, your specific species, and reasons they are approaching extinction on the home page.  The second page should be devoted to the lifecycle of a developing frog from inception to egg to tadpole to mature frog.  The flash animation should either display a frog jumping or swimming across a pond OR animate the initial cell division of the egg all the way through to adulthood.  The contact us page should include a google map to one of the endangered species last remaining locations as well as include contact information to a “save the frog from extinction” activist group.  (eg Sierra Club, GreenPeace, or something more specific.)