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Mr. Kenneth Lee     TakeComputingNextYear

Computer Science Teacher
Email:   Lee@fultonschools.org

Roswell High School
11595 King Road Roswell, GA 30075
G O    H O R N E T S ! 

Welcome to my teacher’s web site. Please use the green buttons above to find information needed to assist you with your class work.

If you have any questions, contact me through my email address.

Every Student in Every School Should Learn How to Code!
Really!! Watch the video.

Want a Tech Job?  Study this!
Advice from Mozilla, Reddit, Tumblr, and more…

Class Room Supplies
Each student needs to purchase;

  • A flash drive to back up work (2+ Gig drives are around $5)
  • One ream of computer/printer paper for the classroom
  • One box of Kleenex for the classroom
  • AP CompSci-A with Java students must also purchase the most recent Barron’s AP Computer Science – A Study and Exam Prep Guide

Summer Activities in preparation for Fall Semester

  • AP CompSci-A with Java
    Spend time on www.javaranch.com/campfire.jsp specifically campfire stories (Start with “Cup Size” and “Cat and Mouse”) then explore some more of the site!
  • Spend time “playing” on CodeAcademy.com.  Go ahead and create a logon.  Note that the intent is to play and explore!
  • Go to my web site “handouts page” and read instructions to download JDK compiler and Dr. Java
    (note:  If you’ve got a MAC, you’ll need to google search for the MAC specific JDK.  Dr. Java is platform independent).
  • ADVANCED Web Design
  • Go to WordPress.com and take the initial tutorials
  • Create your own FREE website.  The focus of this initial website should be a beginning portfolio of stuff you’ve done.  Don’t get too carried away…  The idea here is simply for you to explore and get used to the interface and WordPress design principles.


Are you considering whether a computing course is right for you?

Do you like to solve problems? Would you one day like a job where you can help people? Would you be interested in a high paying job where you can work part-time and work from home? Would you like a job where you can be creative and work as part of a team? Would you like a job that has been called “recession proof?”

Many colleges and university require computing for any math, engineering, or science major. Georgia Tech requires computing for all undergraduates (even business).

So click on the “Course Info” button above and find out more! Read the overview. Check out the syllabus. And, consider signing up of a computing class for next year!

Office Hours
I am available most afternoons after school (except Fridays) or during your study hall.  Be sure to schedule a time!

4th)  Animation & Game Design +  Advanced HTML & Web Design
5th)  AP Computer Science-A with Java
6th)  AP Computer Science Principles