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Intro to Digital Technology
(formerly, Computing in the Modern World and IT Foundations)11.4150000
Handouts:Syllabus_IntroDigitalTechnologyMr. Lee’s WebMonkey HTML Cheat Sheet Reference Web Sites:Computer History Museumwww.corpview.com  – hold down shift key and click(username= rhs, password= student)
WebMonkey – Excellent tutorials to extend your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript & more!
W3C Web Site – Extend your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, & More + practice exams to test your knowledge.
Code Academy Tutorials
Scratch – Intro Video
The Scratch Web Site –  http://scratch.mit.edu/The Alice Web Site – http://www.alice.org/
1st Semester Assignments:Our first semester will begin with an exploration of the history of computers and computing.  You will be tasked with writing a detailed paper that will include a technology time-line bridging the roots of computing’s past to modern day devices.We will then move into PC hardware & components finishing up the semester with an exploration of networking.
Bill Husted is the TechnoBuddy – Due each Monday!Technobuddy Article Index 2  (use as backup index)

PC Upgrading Ch 1
Upgrading Ch 2 & 3
Storage, Wires, and Components Lab
Create a Collage of PC Hardware Components
PC Upgrading Ch 4 & 5
How to Build a Computer Worksheet
PC Upgrading Ch 6 & 7PC Salvage ProjectEthics in Business AssignmentHalloween CollageComputer History Project Rubric
PeerEvaluationComputing Jobs Rubric** Formatting Example for Jobs

7 Tips for Interview Success

Support Our Troops For Veteran’s Day

Computer Science Unplugged

Binary Grid – Blank

Binary Grid – Questions

Binary Conversions HW

ASCII, Binary, Decimal, Keyboard Key Chart – web site

Binary Cat & Mouse with Bits

Endangered Tree Octopus Research Project

Networking Basics Chapt 1 – Hours 1-3

Networking Basics Chapt 1 – Hour 5, Hardware

Networking Basics Chapt 1 – Hour 5, Software

Networking Basics Chapt 1 – Hour 6, WANs

Buzzle.com Work Sheet

2nd Semester Assignments:Our second semester begins with and introduction to web page design and HTML coding principles.  After this, we will explore network / Internet security issues, followed by an introduction to programming concepts and algorithms.  We will finish with a project designed to exhibit ALL of your new found talents regarding computer maintenance, hardware, networking, web development, and programming.Web Page Programming 101 with Notepad
Basic Web Page about our President Rubric
Endangered Species Web Page Rubric
Online Research – The Best & Worst Web SitesWeb Page Programming with Frontpage Software
Roswell Rocks Web Page using FrontPage RubricHTML Tables – Presidential Web Page RubricAdd Hyperlinks to all Presidents in Web Page aboveRHS Team Game Schedule Web Page RubricAlgorithms & ProgrammingWrite a Cookie Baking Program using Pseudocode

Flow Chart Example – Eat ice cream

Intro to Java Programming

Reserved Words for Java

PreLab Printing Strings

Lab Exercises Ch1

Lab Exercises Ch2

Lab Exercises Ch2–B

Scratch Lesson Unit

Scratch – Intro Video

The Scratch Web Site –  http://scratch.mit.edu/

Scratch Nursery Rhyme Storyboard + Programming Project

Internet Security Articles - SecureWorks
Internet Security Articles #2
Online Research – Internet Security 1
Online Research – Internet Security 2

Online Research – Guest Lecture with Dave Centafonti

Online Research – Guest Lecture with Scott Bogartz

Online Research – How is an IT Department Managed?

Alice Lesson Unit

The Alice Web Site – http://www.alice.org/

Alice Programming Assignment

Theme = Summer or Winter Adventures

Final Project – Spring Semester

20% of your final grade!

-10% for each day your project is late.

-10% if project is not submitted in clear binder.

Rubric for Final Project

***NOTE:  Final Project must be presented inside of a clear covered binder including a color cover page!