Marketing && Recruiting New Students

Hello Fellow CompSci Teachers,blowPopPic

Below you will find some of the marketing materials that I use to recruit new students!

In the spirit of “pay it forward,” please feel free to download these files and then edit to meet your needs.

Marketing Files

triFldBrochureAPCSA_KennethLeeRoswell (PDF so that you might duplicate using Publisher or MS Word… Unfortunately, my web hosting will not allow me to post the original MS Publisher files)

triFldBrochureAPCSP_KennethLeeRoswell (PDF)

blowPopCutSheets_KennethLeeRoswell (MSword)

apPOTENTIALmailMergeLtr_KennethLeeRoswell (MSword)


Best of luck to you in ALL of your endeavors to GROW CompSci at your school!


Mr. Kenneth Lee
Computer Science Teacher
Digital Design, Advanced WebDesign, Animation && Gaming
AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science-A Java
Computer Science, Hour of Code, CodeQuest,and Ultimate Frisbee Club Sponsor

Roswell High School
11595 King Road * Roswell, GA 30075
G O    H O R N E T S  !