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This page is being saved to maintain an archive of viable projects.The Computer Applications Course was replaced during the fall of 2013 with Intro to Business Technology
in an effort to merge the course with the old Business Essentials Course and realign the intro course for the Small Business Pathway.   

Computer Applications

Knowing how to use computer applications software is a basic skill for everyone.  Students in this course become proficient in word processing, database, spreadsheet, publishing, and presentation software.  This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in information technology.


Computer Applications Syllabus

Short Cut Keys for MS Word and Other Applications

Mr. Lee’s WebMonkey HTML Cheat Sheet


Reference Web Sites:


- hold down shift key and click

(username= rhs, password= student)

WebMonkey – Excellent tutorials to extend your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript & more!

W3C Web Site – Extend your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, & More + practice exams to test your knowledge.

1st Semester Assignments:

Our first semester will start with basic keyboarding and typing skills.  I realize this may be redundant and tedious for some of you, but we all need to learn how to “touch type” with all of our fingers – advanced “hunt & peck” just doesn’t cut it.

Next we will explore all that MS Word has to offer and end the semester by creating advanced Powerpoint Presentations.

DigiTools Chapter 1 Review

DigiTools Chapter 2 Review

An “Online Safety” Story

Ethics in Business Assignment

Halloween Collage

Computing Jobs Rubric

** Formatting Example for Jobs

7 Tips for Interview Success

Restaurant Menu Rubric

Support Our Troops For Veteran’s Day

Chess Board Rubric

Term Paper Template

Backgammon Rubric
Endangered Tree Octopus Research Project

Buzzle.com Work Sheet
Final Project:

Family Tree PowerPoint Presentation Rubric

***NOTE: This project will be combined with a short test on the day of your final for final grade.

2nd Semester Assignments:

Our second semester begins with an introduction to Excel in your Digitools Workbook.  Once we have completed Chapter 8, we will do a series of worksheet exercises from the Excel-It work book.  Later in the semester we will take a look at Access Databases, Publisher, learn rudimentary web page and HTML coding principles, and finish with a project designed to exhibitALL of your new found talents with MS Office Suite Applications…

Lake Lanier Water Rights Presentation Rubric

Teen Driving Age, MADD, and Insurance Rubric

iPod Project using Access Database #1

iPod Reports using Access Database #2

Web Page Programming 101 with Notepad

I’d Rather Be _______ Web Page Rubric

Roswell Rocks Web Page Rubric

Web Pages Made with Frontpage

Endangered Species Rubric

Chessboard Web Page Rubric

Problem Based Learning Group Project

Freshmen fail on average at least one academic class in their first year of high school.  Use the following files to guide you in your group project to discover the root causes of this and propose the best solution;

Project Instructions

Project flowchart to help guide your processes

Peer evaluation to complete for all members of group

Group evaluation and rubric


Final Project CompApps – Spring Semester

15% of your final grade!

Due:  Tuesday, May 7th by 4:00pm

-10% for each day your project is late.

-10% if project is not submitted in clear binder.


Rubric for Final Project

***NOTE:  Final Project must be presented inside of a clear covered binder including a color cover page!