APCSP – Principles

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APCSP – Principles 11.0190000

Syllabus_AP_CompSciencePrinciples2020 (NEW)
Detailed Course Description / CollegeBoard Standards & Info

CollegeBoard register with “join” code on https://myap.collegeboard.org/login  (Use your existing account to register for this class!  Do not create a new one!!)

Blown-To-Bits online book download:   http://www.bitsbook.com


CollegeBoard – About the Explore & Create Performance Tasks
CollegeBoard – Performance Task Directions for Students
CollegeBoard – Explore & Create Performance Task Scoring Guidelines


Fall Semester
Our first semester begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of HTML coding using notepad.  As our HTML skills advance, we will then move into programming with CSS and javascript using CodeHS.

HTML Project – I’d Rather Be  
Mr. Lee’s WebMonkey HTML Cheat Sheet






APCS-Principles Calendar(Fall 2019)
APCS-Principles Calendar(Spring 2019)

CodeHS Online System Logon - https://codehs.com/go/6186D

Wordle Image of APCS-Principles.

Use the following Digital Artifact applications when creating EXPLORE Performance Task!

https://wordart.com/ (best)
https://www.wordclouds.com  (good)

Reflection Briefs

CollegeBoard – About the Explore & Create Performance Tasks
CollegeBoard – Performance Task Directions for Students
CollegeBoard – Explore & Create Performance Task Scoring Guidelines

*Use this template for all Explore Briefs in this class!

Explore Performance Task 01
Exoskeletons and their uses (on YouTube)
Save template file above into your “Explore” folder and rename to ExploreBrief01_Exoskeleton


Explore Performance Task 02

France set to rollout nation-wide facial recognition program (Bloomber Oct 3, 2019)
Save template file above into your “Explore” folder and rename to ExploreBrief02_FacialRecognition


***Use http://technews.acm.org/ for new ideas and explore briefs.

FunFriday - Endangered Tree Octopus Research Project

What is the Internet?
What is the Internet?  (YouTube Video)

No.  What is the Internet, really? (Ted Talk!)

How do computers convert keyboard strokes into information?

FunFriday Video-

What are IP Addresses and the DNS System (video)

Video Worksheet IP Addresses and DNS (worksheet)

Review corresponding sections in Georgia Tech Review website!Spring Semester
TBDAPCS Principles Student Survey************************************DIGITAL CURRICULUMStudents, you MUST visit APCS-Principles Calendar(Spring) for ALL online lessonplans!Also, you will get bonus points and be able to ask questions on my BLOG-
https://mrleecomputing.blogspot.com/p/apcsp-questions-for-mr-lee.html(NOTE:  Blog works in GoogleChrome ONLY!)


CollegeBoard has updated the format for AP Exams this year-2020!

See  https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update for more information!

Create Performance Task Scoring Guidelines

It is recommended that you view the following rubric to understand how your Performance Task will be scored. This is the official rubric that will be used by the AP graders.


***Checkout this AWESOME YOUTUBE Performance Task Review!


We will be using Screen-Cast-O Matic record a video about your program (no more than 60 seconds) that that demonstrates the running of at least one significant feature of your program.  (Please practice your script and note that is may take 3 or more attempts to get it just right!)

You may not:

  • collaborate on the video or any of the written responses;
  • submit work that has been revised, amended, or corrected by another individual, with the exception of cited program code;
  • submit work from a practice performance task as your official submission to the College Board to be scored by the AP Program; or
  • seek assistance or feedback on answers to prompts.

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Reference Web Sites

APCS-P Sample scoring for performance tasks

Computational Thinking Videos Code.org – explore && discover
Computer History Museum – excellent site with history of both Computers and the Internet!
Code Academy Tutorials

Reflection Briefs

APSCP_RB01_Top10innovationRubric - Top 10 Reasons to Major in CompSci


APSCP_RB04_InternetSociety  – Instructions
APSCP_RB04_InternetSocietyExploreRubric - Rubrics (300 words +-10)
Please use “APSCP_RB_Template” to write your brief…
Save as APSCP_RB04_IntAndSociety

Light-Bot 2.0
GaTech Portal and Instructions ArmorGames for LightBot2.0
Be sure to register for a logon so that you can save your game level! …The goal is to complete ALL of the initial levels and then design your own puzzle with a computer buddy!
***Note that ArmorGames is now blocked by Fulton Cnty Schools so you may have to play more with this at home.

PencilCode_ProgrammingStudent_01 - Initial orientation and exercises for the PencilCode environment!
***Share links into GoogleDocs when done! (GoogleDoc)
pencilCodeTurtleFlowerAPSCP_PencilCodeFlowerHW - Print && complete by hand using PencilCode App as a guide. PencilCode_ProgrammingStudent_02points - Your next challenge is displaying points! APSCP_PencilCodeCollageHW - Create a 5 image animated collage of programming language icons. PencilCode_ProgrammingStudent_03loops - Now, lets tryout loops…
(The Fibonacci Series in Nature – The Nautilus, and its Shell)

Review corresponding sections in Georgia Tech Review website!

CODE.ORG Exploring and Creating!
Mr. Lee’s APSCP-04 Students Only!
***Be sure to remember your username (email) and password (you choose)!
Once you have registered, please navigate to “CSP Unit 01 – The Internet” and take the “CS Principles Pre-survey.” Next, complete Stage01 and Stage02 then we will do Stage03, The Internet Simulator, together!

***Oh, and don’t forget to check out the videos!  They’re pretty cool.
CSP-1, Stage 7

Illustrate the DDoS attack that happened on Friday, October 21, 2016

  1. View Code.org’s CyberSecurity & Crime video.
  2. Check out How America Got Shut Down by a DOS Attack animation.
  3. Read How this company shut down the Internet to get you started on the topic.
  4. Create a computational artifact using a Web 2.0 tool.
  5. Your artifact should present in InfoGraphic image - It cannot be a presentation so do not use PowerPoint or Prezi!(Examples of software you might use include : Wordle, Powtoons, PiktoChart, PhotoShop, etc.)
  6. Your final submit must be both a PDF (Adobe Acrobat File) and a printed version to hand in.

DDOS_DigitalArtifactRubric - Review / Grade 3 of your computer buddy’s Digital Artifacts!

Focus of 11 Articles Quiz found at https://studio.code.org/s/csp1/stage/12/puzzle/1?section_id=658679

Internet Security – Guest Lecture with Mr. Reinhard H.

EarSketch Stuff:

MiniTasks for EarSketch Curriculum - MiniTask_Descriptions

EarSketch used side-by-side with Python!
Alright you all – it’s time to be thinking in Python (not just EarSketch)!
I want you to open https://pythonroom.com/  along with EarSketch and use the left-hand nav tutorials to help guide you through concepts!

Internet Video Review Questions (All 5 due by end of class!)

Review corresponding sections in Georgia Tech Review website!


*Registration with CollegeBoard
Please logon and register so that you are then able to upload your Performance Tasks!
Download the AP Digital Portfolio: Student User Guide for AP Computer Science Principles for instructions!

If a function is “abstraction” then how do I work with functions?  CityScapeChallenge in PencilCode

Development Resources for Performance Task Assignments
PythonRoom - Resources and tutorials to learn Python
CodeSkulptor – IDE for developing in Python (apparently this one does not handle turtles well!?!?)
Skulpt.org – Alternative Python Development Environment
Scratch – Block environment for developing
PencilCode – Block/code environment for developing

Paired Team Project – Create Performance Task to kickoff Spring Semester!
APSCP_RB05_ShapeBot_CreatePerformanceTask  – Instructions
APCS-P Course & Exam Description (See page 111 for Create Performance Task)
Create Performance Task Rubric
Screen-Cast-O Matic 

Submit ShapeBot Project to GoogleDoc - Note the following about your submit;

  • You are submitting 3 files!
  • Research Brief – includes inserted screenCapture of any code and then saved in PDF format
  • Source code – must also be screen capture saved as PDF with circled algorithm and rectangle around abstraction
  • ScreenCastOMatic video – must be only 60 seconds and include recorded narration – use part 2a for script, but also include brief statement about independent work

Review corresponding sections in Georgia Tech Review website!

CodingBat.com to begin practice on writing Python Functions!

  1. Click on “Create Account” and use your email address as user name + a password that YOU WILL remember.
  2. Your name should be as follows;    04-Smith, John     where the 04 is your class period followed by a dash then your last name comma your first name!
  3. Next, click on “Pref” for preferences, scroll down and add my email address for the “Teacher Share.”  This is vital for me to give you credit for completed problems.   lee@fultonschools.org is the share email address you should use!

Begin with the Python Warmup#1s and then continue with Warmup#2s, String#1s, etc…  as assigned OR forge ahead and challenge yourself with even more!!!


Password Challenge Program
Using PythonRoom, create a simple program to test an end-user entered password for uniqueness / security.

Program must;

  • Prompt user to enter an 8 character password – if not 8 characters then re-prompt user to try again.
  • Passwords should consist of a mix of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, and Special Characters
  • Feedback on the password’s strength should be given to the user when done.
  • If the password has ALL 4 of the parameters above then the password strength would be “Strong.”
  • If the password has 2 or 3 of the parameters above then the password strength would be “Medium.”
  • If the password has just 1 of the parameters above then the password strength would be “Weak.”
  • Note:  You must use AT LEAST one function and then invoke that function when solving this program!
  • Submit project “shared link” from PythonRoom to www.shoutKey.com/them .
    Please list name as (eg  04-Smith, John)

Ideas for Explore Performance Task

Performance Task Calendar



APCS-P Course & Exam Description (master PDF)

  • See page 108 for Explore Performance Task
  • See page 111 for Create Performance Task
  • See page 114 for Exam Reference Guide

BEGIN Explore Performance Task – Tuesday, February 21st…
Remember InfoGraphics and Wordles
SUBMIT to CollegeBoard – Friday, March 3rd
Scoring Guidelines & Notes from CollegeBoard (explore)
Example of high score on task along with commentary on why it scored high

Template to upload Explore Performance Task to CollegeBoard-

  1. Save APCompSciPrin_Explore_DOCX  to your Z: drive
  2. Copy/paste your content into this form (Yes, I know that all formatting is removed, but that is OK)
  3. Assure that you have citation references that cover all three of your references [3] within your answers to 2a – 2d
  4. Save “file as” in a PDF format
  5. Also, save your InfoGraphic Digital Artifact in a PDF format (Note: With InfoGraphics, you must first save/export as a JPG image, then paste into MS Word document, and lastly “save as” PDF)
  6. Be prepared to upload both files and then go to digitalportfolio.collegeboard.org and log in using your College Board username and password.
  7. Once logged on, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS to upload your TWO performance task files (REMEMBER:  They must be PDF files!!!)

String[ ] SevenBigIdeasInComputing =
{“Creativity”, “Abstraction”, “Data”, “Algorithm”, “Programming”, “Internet”, “Global Impact”};
//  You should mention some of them while you’re reflecting on your performance tasks!

Congrats!  You’re done with the first round!  The create task is next so start thinking about what you would like to code as your project!

  • TopicSelectionGuide _CreatePT - Use this guide to help you evaluate past class projects performed vs CollegeBoard’s AP expectation for your upcoming Create Performance Task!
  • TopicSelectionProposal_CreatePT - Create new folder on your Z: drive called “Create_PT” and save this document into it.  Then complete, print, and hand in.

BEGIN Create Performance Task – Tuesday, March 14th
Remember Screen-Cast-O Matic 
SUBMIT to CollegeBoard – Friday, March 31st
Scoring Guidelines & Notes from CollegeBoard (create)
Example of high score on task along with commentary on why it scored high

Templates to upload Create Performance Task to CollegeBoard-

  1. Save APCompSciPrin_Create_DOCX  to your Z: drive
  2. Copy/paste your content into this form (Yes, I know that all formatting is removed, but that is OK)
  3. Next, do a seperate screen capture of both your algorithm (in an oval) and your abstraction (in a rectangle).  Note that there is a paste area in the template for both of these!  Simply follow the instructions.
  4. Save the template “file save as” in a PDF format onto your Z: drive then upload to digitalportfolio.collegeboard.org
  5. Using Screen-Cast-O Matic  record a video about your program (no more than 60 seconds) that that demonstrates the running of at least one significant feature of your program.  (Please practice your script and note that is may take 3 or more attempts to get it just right!)
  6. Upload video in .mp4, .wmv, .avi, or .mov format.
  7. Lastly,  SCREEN CAPTURE and paste your entire program code into PDF format.
    • Mark with an oval the segment of program code that implements the algorithm you created for your program.
    • Mark with a rectangle the segment of program code that represents an abstraction you developed.
    • Include comments or citations for program code that has been written by someone else.
  8. Then also upload final PDF to digitalportfolio.collegeboard.org

***note:  Feb 17 && 20th holidays no school

March 9th is a Roswell High ONLY student day off
March 10 && 13th are teacher workdays also student days off – grrrr…



Review corresponding sections in Georgia Tech Review website!



So…  Please keep in mind that with this being the first year, there exists very limited resources and information regarding what to expect on the multiple choice exam portion for this course!

Having said that, I suggest you;