Game Design

Hello RHS Students, this will be the first year teaching a gaming course. I am very much looking forward to this new curriculum! It’s going to be a great year.

Detailed Course Description / GPS Standards

Georgia Virtual Curriculum Guide

Game Design Calendar – Fall

Game Design Calendar – Spring


Software Learning Channels:   Maya | What is Unity | Learn Unity | Blender  CodeHS:   Intro to VR Game Design on 
Fall Semester
Grow a Game website
Grow a Game Apprentice Instructions

  • What is the narrative of a game?
  • What is the ultimate goal of a game?
  • Are there any societal values or redeeming outcomes?
  • What are the rules of a game?  How do they impact the ultimate goal?
  • What are different game strategies?
  • Single player vs multi-player vs “playing against the house?”
  • What are the tools, pieces, players in a game?
  • What are the different game theories?
  • Physical Games vs Digital games?
  • Role playing games vs business games?
  • Las Vegas games?
  • And, “the game of life!?”
  • Please use the whitePaper-briefTemplateX for all briefs written for this class!

*Note:  No brief should exceed one page of information!

Wikipedia – What is a game? A “starting point” only!


  • What games they produce
  • Number of games sold
  • This year’s earnings
  • Are they publicly traded (aka a stock on NYSE?)
  • Home office location
  • Why you think they are so successful
  • A blurb showing job add for entry level hire for each company.
  • *Use whitePaper/brief template again
  • whitePaper-briefTemplateX


  • What are the top 5 game development software platforms?  Please include Maya, Unity, Blender, and two others of note!
  • What features do they offer?
  • Are they free / how much do they cost?
  • What are the notable games built with each platform?
  • Which development tool/platform gets the highest review comments for ease of use, available add-ons, etc.
  • Which would be your favorite to use?  And, why?
  • whitePaper-briefTemplateX


  • First off, “What is Ludology?”  Define and explain.
  • Using “Game Narrative” as a starting point, explain why SO MANY games are rated “M” and present violent scenarios.
  • Why is demand so high for violent game titles?
  • Then answer the question, “Do games cause violent behavior in society?”
  • Support your argument with at least 3 references.
  • Note that based on past briefs, I HIGHLY encourage you to write a brief that fills the WHOLE page!
  • *Use whitePaper/brief template again
  • whitePaper-briefTemplateX

Other WhitePaper/Brief Ideas

  • What is a “Gaming House” and how do they work?
  • How do Gamers make money?
  • What are the primary steps in the game development process?
  • What is a game narrative?  How does it fit into the model of Values / Challenges / Target Market?
  • What aspects of Math and Physics are necessary for game development?
  • How has augmented reality VR changed the future of game development?
  • whitePaper-briefTemplateX
Spring Semester   TBD…First, we will view the keyNote video at What is UnityThen, we will dive in and discuss how we will use the Learn Unity website to best achieve mastery of Unity and excell at passing the EOPA Exam for this class!Logon/Create a new Unity account on the Learn Unity website.  Then…

Begin Create with Code – Course for the Beginner
37 Hours 10 Mins

Project Design Document for ALL Unity Projects



Software Reviews

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